Welcome to Sardar Singh Convent Inter College

Sardar Singh Convent Inter College is a educational academic institution established in Mahmudabad, It is a day boarding school for students from play group to class 12. It was established in the year 2002 BS with 26 students. Currently the school has more than 1000 students from around Mahmudabad, Biswan and around the nation. The school is located to the south of Mahmudabad (nearly 0.5 Kms) away and just 10 minutes walk from Mahmudabad Railway Station.
It is one of the fastest grown academic institution in Mahmudabad. Proud to being small school with small classrooms Sardar Singh Convent Inter College is unique of its kind in its academic program, caring heart and hands. There is emphasis on character, honor and individual responsibility, arts education, music, games & sports for both boys and girls. read more[+]

The Founder's Message

A student means “Vidhyarthi” in Hindi. “Vidhyarthi” comprises of two words, ‘Vidhya’ and ‘Arthi’ meaning a person desirous of knowledge. A student is a person who along with his physical and mental growth, develops an inherent confidence in himself. Students are national treasures.The future of the nation lies in the present generation. read more[+]

From the Desk of Principal's

Every Principal comes into the job wanting to make a difference-to lead the school and its extended community to a better place, where students learn not only the traditional subjects, but also about themselves, the world and their place in it. But often the Principal faces a world of demands and decision which can undermine or at least distract from... read more[+]

Admission open for the session 2014-2015